Re: getting the mail ap in windows 10 to work with jaws?

Joseph Norton



I’m using it successfully with both the beta and earlier versions of JAWS.


There are a few issues, such as not being able to press Enter on some links, but not all.  Also, JAWS doesn’t read the address fields very well when I’m composing a message.


For simple reading and replying, which is a large percentage of my mail actions, it works adequately.

when I want to compose a message.


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


From: Michael Amaro
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2018 5:06 AM
Subject: getting the mail ap in windows 10 to work with jaws?


Hello Listers,


How easy is it to use the mail ap in windows 10 with jaws?  I am having no luck in setting up my friend's @msn email address in windows live mail.  There for I want to go the mail ap route.  I my self have never used  the mail ap.  How easy is it to teach some one that doesn't know much about technology?  Is it easy to set up an acount?









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