Re: Can't access settings combo box in google chrome


Juanita, seems to be a focus issue or something. try pressing alt+f and
then s for settings. press alt+tab and, without releasing the alt key,
press shift+tab and release all keys, now you should be able to press
control+end to jump to the end of the page and upp arrow to and spacebar
on the advanced button.

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From: Juanita []
Sent: Monday, Sep 24, 2018 2:24 AM EST
Subject: Can't access settings combo box in google chrome

Hi all:

I’m using jaws 2018 and public beta 2019 and Windows 10. On the google
chrome home page, nothing I’ve tried will let me access the settings
combo box. I’ve tried alt-down arrow and enter. I’m trying to get to
advance settings to allow popups. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
for solving this problem.


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