Re: JAWS not speaking on Windows 10 logon screen

Steve Nutt


One thing you could try is to uncheck all the automatic startup in JAWS, then reboot the machine. JAWS won't load. Load it manually then recheck it. I've seen this work sometimes.

Also, make sure you set JAWS to start Always, not just For This User.

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Hi, Dan.
Do you have to unload JFW, then use the shortcut to load it again? I am running JFW17 and have to use Seeing AI to see what is happening.
JFW doesn't start speaking till the desktop is loaded.

From what I can tell, JFW only will give tech support for the current version. I e-mailed them regarding an issue I have with Word 2016 and
JFW17 and was told they don't support JFW17, and that I should get the latest version of JFW. So I haven't contacted them to address my JFW logon issues with Win10.


On 9/23/18, Dan Longmore <> wrote:
Yes, when this occurs, which is often, I use my shortcut keys to get
JAWS to speak and JAWS then speaks the LogOn screen information. Do
you have an HP machine? VFO has never given me any great assistance
in the matter. Even if I hit any key JAWS will not speak until I use
the shortcut method. Like you, JAWS is set to start at logon.


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Subject: JAWS not speaking on Windows 10 logon screen


I posted yesterday about a problem I was having whereby JAWS wouldn't
speaking on the lock screen. However, JAWS did speak when I pressed
any key to dismiss the lock screen and bring up the password field.

I have since disabled the lock screen, but JAWS doesn't speak at all
on the logon screen now regardless of how long I leave it. JAWS does
speak when I enter the password and the desktop comes up. I have
checked, and JAWS is set to load at the logon screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

HP Spectre laptop, Windows 10 latest version, JAWS 2019 Beta.

Thanks a lot,


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