Thank you and a question about pdf files

Shirley Tracy

Hi everyone,


First, thanks to  those of you who answered my question about using convenient OCR. It’s awesome!


Now, for another challenge (to me, anyway). A medical person has emailed me an important pdf attachment. I’ve been able to open them in the past. But I haven’t needed to for a while. I’m running JAWS 2018 and Windows 10. I started using Gmail just recently and am still learning to use it.


Meanwhile, I started importing the Gmail into Windows Mail for quick and simple emails—it’s faster for me right now.


Anyway, my problem is this: PDF attachments won’t open. I press enter, and the word “EDGE” is read at the top and that’s all. So I went directly to my Gmail account, and the same thing happened. How did Edge get involved? Is there any way to be able to read this pdf attachment? Help!


Thank you so much.







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