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Can you explain in a bit more detail what you mean? I can't figure out what your message refers to.

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In windows, the delete causes the Word program to be exited. You can press either the backspace or delete key. Is this problem unique to my machine?

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The JAWS 2019 beta fixes at least one bug related to Microsoft Word, where it wouldn’t reliably read lines of text containing comments.

In Microsoft Outlook, there was a bug whereby, upon opening a mail message, the cursor would be placed somewhere other than at the start of the message body. So far, I haven’t encountered this in JAWS 2019 beta, which suggests that it may have been resolved by the transition to the new Microsoft Office support.

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I love the JAWS 2019 beta! I am an Office 365 user, and JAWS is much more responsive in the entire Office suite.


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Well, it won't erase your current version, so you have nothing to lose but a little time and space. The beta fixed my thunderbird problem, and hasn't broken anything I can find yet.

On 9/20/2018 20:51, David & his pack of dogs wrote:

I have been having problems with 018 for a while as in, it gives an error message of needing to install a driver. If the computer is shut down then started, no message. If just restarted, I get the error message. I phoned BFO this morning, talked to the tech. He did a repair as per the directive from the error message. Then he said, “It should work now.” Somehow the call got disconnected before he could check. I did not disconnect the call. To make a long story short, you guessed it, the should was a doesn’t. My sister who is developmentally delayed uses this term a lot when she does not want to do something. Most of the time, they should work means it won’t. Thus I am thinking of installing 2019 to see if that fixes the problem. I frankly don’t have time to sit on hold only to find out something does not work and the call gets disconnected before the tech finds this out. For the record, I had to call BFO back twice before even getting through because the call mysteriously got disconnected.

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