Re: sending a screen shot


If you, for any you, cannot get the "Old Method" of capturing a screen shot to the clipboard for pasting into an image editing program for saving via ALT+PrtSc for windowed or just the PrtSc key for full-screen, I'd suggest you open Command Prompt elevated to admin privileges and run SFC /SCANNOW to see what comes back.  These keystrokes are "baked in" to all versions of Windows up through Windows 10 and have never failed to work for me on a system that was free of corruption.

If you're on Windows 10, and WinKey+PrtSc does not result in a new screen shot being taken and automatically stored in Pictures\Screenshots and/or WinKey+ALT+PrtSc doesn't take a windowed screen shot and place it in Videos\Captures then I'd follow these instructions:


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