Re: sending a screen shot


The windowed screen shots on all the systems where I've taken them, and where they end up in the Videos\Captures folder, have a file name of the format:
               Window Title Date Time Stamp dot png

Some examples:   Administrator_ Windows PowerShell 9_17_2018 12_58_30 PM.png
                              Device Manager 9_19_2018 5_15_09 PM.png
                              Feedback Hub 8_22_2018 11_22_30 AM.png
                              How to create a capture screen via the screen button and or via the snipping tool_ - Google Chrome 8_28_2018 4_59_13 PM.png

That last one was of a Chrome browser window and the whole "How To . . ." part was the tab title for the webpage.

Even though they can get ridiculously long, it's easier to know what they're of than the full screen screenshots which get named Screenshot followed by Screenshot(1), Screenshot(2), etc.

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