Re: Jaws 18 and Jaws 2018 sounds so difference

O.Addison Gethers

Hi Richard I just download and installed jaws 2018 on Monday afternoon when I was only used jaws 18!! When I was using jaws 2018 I setup all my speech and jaws pitch and etc like I have on jaws 18  but jaws 2018 isn’t loud enough for me to hear with my hearing aid  so I had to turns up the speaker volume up louder to hear better . Then 2 day later I switch back to jaws 18 it was too loud I had to turns down the speaker volume to hear jaws better so there is something strange I have to turns up louder on jaws 2018  less than jaws 18 !! I don’t hasve jaws 2019



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Subject: Re: Jaws 18 and Jaws 2018 sounds so difference



In the body of your message, you only say 18. I am guessing you mean 19 sounds better or louder? 

I will have to check, but did you migrate your settings from 18 when you installed the 19 beta? Otherwise, it sounds like the volumes are set differently. 



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Hello All When I used jaws 18 it’s sound better to me where I have speaker volume up set to hear jaws 18 ,but when I switch back to jaws 2018  its not sounds like jaws 18 where I can’t hear it better so I have to turns up the speaker louder to hear jaws 2018 !! Can anyone tell me why is that?





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