Looking for a Jaws accessible appointment reminder app/service


Hello list,

I was wondering if there are any business owners out there or folks who deal with subcontractors and have to manage appointments and confirmations.

I’ve got a business where I broker out work and need to confirm appointments and so on.

So far, with Outlook (Office 365 for business) and Google Voice, I’ve been managing it with emails and texts, but I’d like to get something a little more automated and reduce the manual workload. Right now, it’s juggle emails, check and cross check who’s confirmed, follow up with a vendor who hasn’t confirmed, etc.

I’m also in the process of taking on a contract for a much larger workload and would really like to have something in place before things become unmanageable. I am a heavy Outlook user and yes, I know there are meeting and reminder functions in Outlook, but my Outlook calendar notes have information such as contract numbers other vendor info and stuff in general I’d prefer not to share with my sub vendors for their assigned appointments as there’s no reason for them to see that sort of data and my notes.

In any event, does anyone know of anything out there that is Jaws friendly and as a plus integrates with the Office eco system? Outlook, etc.?

I’m sure some of you have had experience with this sort of thing. Where you may get an email or text reminding you of an upcoming engagement with the option to click confirm/decline or if texting, reply 1 for yes or 2 for no and so on.

As an idea, I’ll likely be working with upwards of 300 appointments a month throughout the state of California. So anything that can automate this task is something I’m very interested in.

Below is one such option I was checking out. I don’t mind paying as long as it accomplishes what I need and cuts down on my having to chase down confirmations. https://www.goreminders.com/pricing

Again, any input or observations and experience would be greatly appreciated.



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