Goldwave scripts not loading


latest version of JAWS 2018 and Goldwave running under Windows 7:

when trying to apply any effect to a recording, for example using the
sensor effect to bleep out a bad word, JAWS 2018 is not able to read the
presets unless I open the dialog with an alt+down arrow. but before I
can preview what it sounds like, I have to close the dialog with an
alt+up arrow. very tedious if I want to try another preset or effect.

I contacted Jim Grimsby and he asked me to run JAWS using the
accessible Display driver. he said to run JAWS with defaults (at the run
dialog, typed jaws2018 /default) but still had the same problem.
however, I did have a hunch to press insert+q and to my surprise, the
Goldwave scripts weren't loaded. this wasn't the case when starting JAWS
as usual.

what should I do now? the Goldwave scripts are in the user folder

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