JAWS not speaking on Win 10 start-up screen

Edward Green

Hi all,

I'm running the JAWS 2019 beta on an HP Spectre laptop using the April update of Windows 10.

When my PC starts up, a screen comes up showing different wallpapers. To get to the username and password field, I have to press escape.

JAWS won't speak on that wallpaper screen regardless of how long I leave it there, but does when I press escape and the log on screen shows. I have JAWS set to speak at the log on screen.

Does anyone know how to get JAWS to speak on that first start-up screen, or even better, turn off that screen? I had thought that this screen was the lock screen, and followed instructions online to create a registry key in the hopes of disabling it. I also went into personalisation settings and turned off the lock screen at log on, but still no joy.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.



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