Re: May need alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Joseph Norton

Thanks, I’ll give that a look.


The document is pretty straight forward, but, Adobe freezes in the middle of processing—maybe that’s actually JFW freezing.  Maybe Adobe is just fine with it.


However, NVDA doesn’t like it either.


Just in case anyone wants to look at it, it’s an eBook on using FreeDOS.


The file is at:




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Subject: Re: May need alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader


Acrobat is always kind of sluggish.

If it’s not a scanned image document and is straightforward in general (iE, an etext or something), you can use qRead. It’s a nice little programme that very quickly opens pdf and epub files. I like it because it’s very fast. However it doesn’t have many of the features Adobe has. It’s generally meant for books or similar context with straightforward, linear text.


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Sent: September 21, 2018 11:42 AM
Subject: May need alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader


Hi listers:


Recently, I have been needing to access some PDF’s.  For some reason, whenever I try to use Acrobat Reader DC, the program seems to be very sluggish, sometimes, even unresponsive.  Is this becoming a problem?  If so, is there another solution that will work better with JFW?



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