Re: Gmail Web Interface - Quick Location of a Button

Steve Griffiths

Hi Brian,


I'm using Firefox. When I press Ctrl + F, the JAWS virtual find replaces the browser find window. If I'm at the top of the page and search for Settings, it takes me to the Chat settings button; if I then search again it gets me to the Settings button menu.


Another way to get there is with JAWSkey + F5, which lists all form fields, and then S a few times to Settings, then Enter to close the list and put focus on the button menu.  


Or, it's just before the Main region. So press R until you get to that, then UpArrow once.


Steve 🐾


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Subject: Re: Gmail Web Interface - Quick Location of a Button


I agree with you that it makes no sense that JAWS find won’t find it. However, if you can sign into gmail with Internet explorer and see if JAWS find works, then it is a problem with Chrome finding text on a page.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: Gmail Web Interface - Quick Location of a Button



         Was using Chrome.   However, it's not the voicing that's the issue, it's the finding.  If I tab my way around, or use repeated presses of the "B" quick navigation command, when one lands on the Settings Menu button it is announced as such (though the exact title eludes me).  But if you JAWS Search for what was announced JAWS tells you it's not found.  That makes no sense to me.


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