Re: Jaws 2018 loses focus and stops voicing #jaws #fusion

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I am having the same problem of it loosing focus.  It has been going on for at least a couple of weeks.  The only thing that seems to work is, windows D.  I hate calling tech support with things like this because calling Microsoft I have got on the odd occasion someone who does not know what they are doing and they don’t fix the problem.  They almost create a new one.  I don’t have time to sit on hold, then wait a hour or so while they try and fix the problem.  I have a job which does not entail sitting on hold baby sitting the phone. Then of course there is the problem I ran into this morning with BFO. The dreaded “It should work” then the calls mysteriously being disconnected. I don’t expect that much however, when a product costs hundreds of dollars, I have a right to expect good tech support, not the easy way out of saying for one thing, “It is not a true windows computer it is a mac book converted to a windows computer that is the problem.”  Even a Bonafide windows computer had the same problem.  Time to come up with another excuse.      


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Subject: Re: Jaws 2018 loses focus and stops voicing #jaws #fusion


Yes, getting the same issue from time to time with JAWS 2018.  Have not yet seen it in the 2019 beta release.  Agree, very annoying.


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Subject: Jaws 2018 loses focus and stops voicing #jaws #fusion


I do tech support for a state agency, and support a user on Fusion 2018. He has a 64 bit Windows 10 desktop machine with Office 2016. For this user, Jaws frequently seems to lose focus and stops voicing any detailed information. For example, it will voice "alt-tab" when those keys are used, but won't announce the window it's on and is completely silent if the user drops into any given window. The only fix I've come up with is completely closing and restarting Fusion. It seems to be connected with Office 2016, particularly Outlook. Also, does anyone know of a keyboard command to completely unload Fusion? Closing the software is nearly impossible for the user when Jaws is voicing so little information.

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