Re: Thinking of upgrading to 019

David Pearson

Hello David, and dogs:
Did the customer “dis-service” dept also torture you by subjecting you to “canned Muzak, and countless repetitions of “how important your call is to them”(apparently, not enough for them to hire more  staff!
Guess that I’m getting old, but it seems that your(my, and many other’s)  experience is happening more frequently than previously.
Sorry, but don’t know answer to your 2019 “techno-question-just wanted to comiserate.

Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2018 9:51 PM
Subject: Thinking of upgrading to 019

I have been having problems with 018 for a while as in, it gives an error message of needing to install a driver.  If the computer is shut down then started, no message.  If just restarted, I get the error message.  I phoned BFO this morning, talked to the tech.  He did a repair as per the directive from the error message.  Then he said, “It should work now.”   Somehow the call got disconnected before he could check.  I did not disconnect the call.  To make a long story short, you guessed it, the should was a doesn’t.  My sister who is developmentally delayed uses this term a lot when she does not want to do something.  Most of the time, they should work means it won’t. Thus I am thinking of installing 2019 to see if that fixes the problem.  I frankly don’t have time to sit on hold only to find out something does not work and the call gets disconnected before the tech finds this out.  For the record, I had to call BFO back twice before even getting through because the call mysteriously got disconnected.  




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