Re: JAWS 2018 - Does it have the equivalent of NVDA's "Focus Highlight" Add-On?

Jason White

JAWS does have this feature, and it’s supposed to work by default in Windows 10. See the “visual tracking” discussion at


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Date: Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 19:18
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Subject: JAWS 2018 - Does it have the equivalent of NVDA's "Focus Highlight" Add-On?


As the very odd man out being sighted but using screen readers for experimenting and figuring out issues, it is often difficult to know where they have focus at the moment, particularly if the object that focus is not visible on the screen and there is no attempt to scroll the screen to follow where the virtual cursor has focus.

NVDA has an add-on that causes various colors and line styles to outline the object that has screen reader focus and keeps the virtual cursor and its corresponding on-screen focused object in sync.

This can be very, very helpful for me.  It was my understanding that JAWS 2018 and later were to have either a built in feature or scripting that would produce the same result, or something very similar to it.  I have yet to find that if it does exist.

This seems like as good a place to ask as any before resorting to VFO technical support.

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