Re: How can I copy five Braille volumes into one file on Windows 10?

Christopher Zeigler

Hello I don't know Powershell if you want to get the command prompt just open your start menu and type CMD that will open the command prompt when you press enter if you need to have been right press Ctrl shift enter same click yes hope this helps

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018, 10:52 PM Lee Maschmeyer <leemer1@...> wrote:
Hi all,

If I was using Linux or Cygwin I'd do:

cat 14885* > Rinehart.brf

If I was using Windows 7 I'd go to the DOS prompt and do:

copy /<some switch or other> Rinehart.brf

But I can't figure it out on Windows 10, either in Windows Explorer or
PowerShell. Perhaps the biggest problem is that each volume ends with
something (Ctrl+Z?) that signals the end of text and I have to defeat
recognition of that switch in order to get the whole book.

I read the book, by the way, on WordPad and set the BrailleMovesActive
script to make the active cursor track the Braille display as I read
through the book.

If you'll excuse a small commercial, I wrote a rather complete set of
scripts for Linux I can send to anybody who's interested. Write to

Thanks for any help,


Lee Maschmeyer

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