Windows Live Mail hanging #cal-notice #excel #advisory

Marty Hutchings

Last week, I had been having trouble with Firefox and JAWS.  This was resolved by updating JAWS and turning off automatic updates in Firefox, locking it at version 52 ESR.  Now, in the last couple of days, when I respond to an email using Windows Live Mail, the system locks when I hit Alt+S to send my message.  I am still able to read my message with JAWS, but nothing happens when I try to edit or switch to another window with ALT+TAB.  I must bring up Program Manager with ALT+CRL+DELETE and hit the Switch To Button for Windows Live Mail.  It will go to WLM and then I can ALT+TAB to my message and hit ALT+S and the message will be sent.  Another thing that I have noticed is that after I add a signature to my messages, I can not edit them any further.  Is this weird or what?

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