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Hi Shirley,


It’s a good idea to know how to use it, it’s a feature I use almost daily if I get inaccessible PDF files, now in Jaws 2018 Jaws OCR can also do OCR on other image files like jpg files, png files etc. Lastly, you can sometimes get out of a pickle when there is an inaccessible screen since you can do OCR on a screen, window or control.

If the file is a PDF file you can either open it in Acrobat Reader and start OCR from there or you can go through Windows Explorer. If it’s any other  image file like a jpg file you have to go through Windows Explorer to OCR it, you can’t open it and then somehow run Jaws OCR on it like you can on PDF’s which are open in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Here is how it works:


1. Open Windows Explorer and find the file

2. Use one of the following 2 methods/keystroke combinations:

2.1 , press your application key or Shift+F10 to bring up the context menu and either press “J” for Jaws OCR or arrow down until you find “Recognize with Jaws”, then press enter.

2.2 When you are on the file in Windows Explorer press the layered keystroke Jaws Key+Spacebar followed by O (for OCR) and F (for file).


If the file is a PDF and you already opened in Acrobat Reader or if you want to do OCR on screen content, you just have to press the layered keystroke for OCR, Jaws Key+Spacebar followed by “O”, then you have 4 options:

Press A to acquire an image from a connected scanner or Pearl camera (if you have one hooked up to your computer)

Press D to recognize an entire PDF document open in Arobat

Press S to recognize the content of the screen

Press W to recognize the content of the Windows which has focus

Press C to recognize the control (could be a button or link on a website) which has focus

Press ? to get help – here is what you get if you press Jaws Key+Spacebar followed by O and ? (questionmark)


The following commands are available in the OCR layer.

Acquire and OCR a print document from a Scanner or Freedom Scientific Camera such as PEARL, using the letter A.

OCR a scanned PDF Document opened in Acrobat Reader using the letter D.

From Windows Explorer, you can OCR any Image File using the letter F.

From the computer screen itself, you can OCR a Control with C, Window with W, or the entire Screen with S.

You can press Q to quit or cancel an OCR job.


That is all there is to it, the OCR may take a while depending on how much text there is and whether it is just a single picture of multi-page PDF.

Eventually your OCR results are displayed in the virtual viewer, you can copy parts of the text, use select all (Control+A) to copy (Control+C) and paste it into Notepad (Control+V after you open Notepad) etc. If you want to save or edit the result you have to copy and paste it into Notepad, Wordpad, Word or any other text editor or word processor.


From: <> On Behalf Of Shirley Tracy
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 9:03 PM
Subject: need help with Convenient OCR


Can someone please point me to detailed steps for using convenient OCR? Can I use it if I don’t have a camera?

Someone sent me some information I thought they were going to scan in and email to me. Instead, they took a picture of it and emailed that. I need the information. I never thought I would need to use the Convenient OCR in JAWS, so I never studied about it. And remember I have made it very clear that I’m not tech savvy. Having said that, I feel confident that I could retrieve the information the person sent to me if I could use something like the OCR that I read about in the JAWS help menu. I just don’t fully understand how to do it.


Thanks for any help.

Shirley Tracy


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