Re: need help with Convenient OCR

george b <gbmagoo@...>

With out opening the file;


Highlite the file,

Right click or jaws key and f10 and arrow to I think is ocr and hit enter


From: <> On Behalf Of Shirley Tracy
Sent: September 18, 2018 21:03
Subject: need help with Convenient OCR


Can someone please point me to detailed steps for using convenient OCR? Can I use it if I don’t have a camera?

Someone sent me some information I thought they were going to scan in and email to me. Instead, they took a picture of it and emailed that. I need the information. I never thought I would need to use the Convenient OCR in JAWS, so I never studied about it. And remember I have made it very clear that I’m not tech savvy. Having said that, I feel confident that I could retrieve the information the person sent to me if I could use something like the OCR that I read about in the JAWS help menu. I just don’t fully understand how to do it.


Thanks for any help.

Shirley Tracy


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