Re: Chrome and passwords

Vlad Dragomir


Sorry for chiming in here. I would simply like to try and disipate a little bit this feeling of so-called insecure environment. Dear friends, I've been using Chrome for at least two years, it saved all my passwords, and I never had the smallest problem. Commons sense is your best friend. You need a strong GMail password, make sure that no one can guess it. Apart from that, why would you let anyone use your computer, it's yours, you only need to make that clear. And if you let someone use it, it's someone you trust, not the first stranger you meet on a street. Definitely, it is up to the original poster to decide, I would personally advise against paranoia though. Don't allow your envious work colleague to use your computer, that's all you need to do! *smiles*

Best regards,


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