Re: JAWS keeps speaking the progress of streams

Dave Durber

Hello Debby:

I tried cycling through the options by pressing JAWS KEY+S but, the speaking of the elapsed time are still spoken. By default, like you, the setting is Highlighted.

The layered keystroke, JAWS KEY+S, followed by the letter S, in JAWS 14, is a toggle to mute and unmute JAWS.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Dave Durber

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Subject: Re: JAWS keeps speaking the progress of streams

Hi Dave,

I have two ideas, but someone else may know others. First you can press the
JAWSKey plus the letter S and cycle through what JAWS will say. The choices
are all, none and highlighted. Mine has always defaulted to highlighted.
That will stop it saying the numbers as they advance.

Or you could use the layered keystroke JAWSKey then space and then S. This
has the choices of speech on demand and full speech. Remember with both of
these once you are done with the streaming, you will have to reset them.

Hope this helps!


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Subject: JAWS keeps speaking the progress of streams

Hello everyone:

On my HP laptop, I am using Windows 7 and Jaws 14. When I am listening to
streamed audio from any of the radio stations on the BBc web site, JAWS
keeps announcing the elapsed time of any streamd audio I am listening too.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can stop JAWS from doing this.

Thanks in anticipation.

Dave Durber

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