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Hi, Brian. This is what I found on Google about Chrome. I’m not excessively security cautious, but, even to me, this is pretty scary.


You might want to think twice before you let someone borrow your computer.

The most obvious risk of allowing someone else access to your desktop is that they can impersonate you, using any app where you’re already signed in. They could send prank messages using your default email client, or profess your undying love for Justin Bieber using your logged-in Twitter account.

That’s annoying, but far from fatal.

But the situation becomes considerably worse if you use Google Chrome to save and sync passwords for easy logins at your favorite websites. An intruder who has unrestricted access to your computer for even a minute can view and copy all of your saved passwords just by visiting an easy-to-remember settings page: chrome://settings/passwords.

That link opens the local copy of your saved password cache, which is synchronized to every machine where you sign in with your Google account.

And the funny thing is, anyone who visits that page can see the plaintext version of every saved password just by clicking a button.

The saved password list shows the web address, username, and password for each saved set of credentials. Initially, the saved password is displayed as a row of asterisks. But if you click the masked password, you see a “Show” button that you can click to immediately display the saved password.


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           If you've never used Chrome it is impossible that Chrome has saved passwords.

           If you wish to use Chrome, but also wish that it never, ever even offer to remember passwords, then the first time you fire it up go to the Passwords settings and flip that toggle for offering to remember passwords to off.

           The logistics of where the setting is differs, but this is true of every modern browser.  They all can remember passwords, you can force them not to do so, and if you did save some earlier and change your mind these can be deleted.

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