Moving Emails to Folders in Outlook 2016

Brian Prewitt

Good afternoon,

My company recently upgraded to Office 2016, and I have a coworker who is having trouble moving emails to folders. He used to go to the Home tab then to the Move section. He would hit spacebar and be able to choose from several folders. Now, he gets to the move item and Jaws says there’s a grid and he can’t go to the grid by tabbing or using the arrow keys. He is on Windows 7 and the latest build of jaws 2018. He used to be able to do this function in Outlook 2010.

Thanks for your help,

Brian Prewitt
Information Systemsupgrsed Manager
Mississippi Industries for the Blind
2501 North West Street
Jackson, MS 39216
Office: 601.984.3213

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