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JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Just curious. When this happens with Firefox and JAWS “comes back”, can you then activate links? If you alt-tab away from Firefox and then return to it, does the virtual cursor/buffer come on, or are you stuck in PC mode? Can you close firefox with alt-f4?


I haven’t detected any pattern about what sites cause this hang to happen; it seems to involve pages with many links, though, possibly. Anyway, if you are experiencing the same thing, it’s some kind of jAWS bug.


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Subject: Firefox Lagging and Freezing


I’m wondering if anybody else is having this problem.

I’m running Firefox version 62, latest version of JFW, and Windows 10.

I’ll be arrowing down through a web page, and all of a sudden JAWS just stops reading. Sometimes it comes back after a few seconds, but not always.

I especially notice it when reading the Boston Globe in NFB Newsline on the web.


Also when I’m using Google Docs, I’m noticing an irritating lag when I hit up or down arrow in a document.


Any thoughts on how to remedy this?



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