Re: Firefox Lagging and Freezing


Getting similar issues. Also frequently in Outlook 2016.

So much to the point where it drove me off of my tower and I’m working mainly off of my laptop.

Probably with more time, I’ll try to play around with the two to see if there are any extra processes, etc, but I’m genrealy good about that sort of thing.

Anyway, The laggy, crashing and over all crappy Jaws performance I’ve been experiencing on my Dell tower for the past couple of weeks I so far haven’t experienced on my HP Envy laptop.

Both PCs have I core 7 processors, but the tower has 8 GB or ram. Where as the laptop’s got 16. The issues on the tower have become so significant and sudden that I can’t think that it suddenly has to do with the ram.

Running Windows 10, latest JFW 2018, current Firefox/Chrome etc on both machines. So who knows…


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Subject: Re: Firefox Lagging and Freezing


I’m noticing it, too, and one site,, crashes firefox, and I have to kill it with Task Manager.


Bill White




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Subject: Firefox Lagging and Freezing


I’m wondering if anybody else is having this problem.

I’m running Firefox version 62, latest version of JFW, and Windows 10.

I’ll be arrowing down through a web page, and all of a sudden JAWS just stops reading. Sometimes it comes back after a few seconds, but not always.

I especially notice it when reading the Boston Globe in NFB Newsline on the web.


Also when I’m using Google Docs, I’m noticing an irritating lag when I hit up or down arrow in a document.


Any thoughts on how to remedy this?



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