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I asked Eric at his presentation to the NFB convention. His answer  was that VFO will eventually release a new version but for now they are working hard on Jaws and some other things..

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El 17 sept 2018, a las 9:58, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> escribió:

I joined the Openbook beta team in about 2004 or so, and there has not been any traffic on that group since Openbook 9.

I believe that was either late 2013 or early 2014.

I personally suspect Openbook has gotten as good as it will ever get and VFO is focusing on the OCR in Jaws.

But, I have heard nothing from VFO about Openbook, so that is pure speculation on my part.






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The other question is if, there is another updated version of Open Book, would ones who purchased the 9 be able to get the newer version?  Or would they have to shell out the extra money. At least ones who purchased Window Eyes were able to migrate for free to JAWS.   


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Hi, has anyone heard roomers or facts about a new openbook release, it would be nice to use vocalizer voices and other things as well?

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