Re: If I pin a program to start, how can I get to it using Jaws?


I agree. in addition, pressing the windows key and typing in a search
term is another efficient way of finding programs, documents, emails,

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Subject: If I pin a program to start, how can I get to it using Jaws?

My view is, just because something can be done in Windows, it isn’t
necessarily beneficial to do that thing.  I haven’t seen any advantages
to pinning items to the start menu. For screen reader users, I am a big
fan of pinning things to the task bar under certain conditions, and of
using the desktop to launch programs.  These are more efficient ways.

Any contrary viewpoints?

Thought-provoking reading:

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Hi, Jonas. What I do to get to the pinned items in Start menu is this:

1. Press Windows key.

2. TAB once.

3. Left and Right Arrow.

4. You will see some headings:

Life At a Glance

Play and explore

Control panel

5. Arrow up and down under these headings, and you will see the items
you have pinned to the Start Menu.

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*Subject:* If I pin a program to start, how can I get to it using Jaws?

So in win10 if you go to all apps, and arrow down to any app, open your
context menu you have an option to pin to start!

Any hotkeys or how can I bring Jaws focus to the pin apps in my start menu?

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