Re: missing tree view of email accounts in outlook 2016


Well hey . . . You learn something new every day. I was dealing with this problem since I think yesterday. It was driving me crazy on my desktop. I find the control plus shift plus tab much more convenient than the control plus y command and since I have six different emails configured in my Outlook 2016, I can easily switch through my various inboxes in the favorites section so much faster.

You’re the bomb.


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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: missing tree view of email accounts in outlook 2016


The Outlook 2016 folder list can be hidden, minimized and maximized. If you accidentally press ALT-F1, you enter this rotation.


If the folder list disappears, press ALT-F1 until you can navigate to the folder list.






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Subject: missing tree view of email accounts in outlook 2016


Hi Everyone,


So I’ve been using outlook 2010 for years, but yesterday upgraded to outlook 2016. Now in outlook 2010 when in your list of messages you could just press shift and tab and it would take you to a tree view where you could select which folder or email account you wanted to view. Now in outlook 2016 when I press shift and tab it just says current mail box, pressing up and down just takes me to the  search box. How do you view other folders or email accounts using outlook 2016 and is there a way of getting back that tree view  from outlook 2010 which  listed all folders and email accounts .



As ever thanks in advance for any help



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