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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

Well, I had some undetermined problem with the first search result, but I got the second and third results downloaded and converted in the way described. As has already been mentioned, when you open Pontes Media Downloader, or switch to it, it grabs the current URL on the clipboard, so you need only press the download button.

With that first result, I played the video, pressed Ctrl¡l to highlight the address bar, (I imagine alt+d would have worked,) copied the URL from there, went to Pontes Media Downloader and downloaded it. I don't know why copying the link from the list of results didn't work, but sometimes you just have to work around anomalies.


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Morey, using any browser you like, you should be able to simply press alt+d
which puts focus on and selects the URL. then you can copy it to the
windows clipboard and start Pontes Media Downloader. PMD should be able
to grab it from the clipboard without having to actually pasting the URL
in to PMD. in which case, you should hear at least 2, if not 3 or 4,
popping sounds, then press tab to the format you want, arrow down or up
to MP3, press tab to and spacebar on the download button.

if you're still having trouble, can you post the URL that you used?

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Subject: Chrome and URL help

Hi Dean. As you suggested, I did get the URL copied to clipboard, then
went into Pontes Media Downloader but as before that URL was already in
edit field. So, I deleted the one which was there and installed into
field. Clicked on download and it said improper URL, could not download.
I tried it on song...Runaway...Del Shannon aand went through same
procedure and Media Downloader said invalid URL.
I just had a Windows 10 update yesterday, maybe some change in there?
Try doing the Runaway Song please, and maybe you can figure out how to
get it to change to MP3...Thanks.


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