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Adrian Spratt

Hi. Queries about Skype accessibility and updates are frequently posted to
this list. I learned from a recent edition of Dean Martineau's newsletter
that a fully accessible interface is now available. I installed it this
morning and am now using Skype for the first time ever. It couldn't have
been simpler, and it works perfectly with JAWS. Accessible updates are
automatic, unless you turn off that option. The interface is intuitive, but
it also comes with a very clear manual. With this program, you don't even
need to install Skype separately; it does that for you. It does not now
handle video calls, but the company says it will do so later this year.

The only hardware I needed was a working microphone. No USB phone, as
someone once suggested.

The program is issued by GW Micro, but it applies to all screenreaders, not
just WindowEyes. The only drawback for non-WindowEyes users is that each
time you log in, you get a promotion for that screenreader. Just press the
OK button to make it go away.

Here's Dean's brief write-up and the link:

To high acclaim, GW Micro has released GW Skype, a standalone alternative
application for the Skype internet telephony program. It works with any
windows screen reader and replaces the standard Skype program. It is much
more accessible than the standard Skype program and it is intended that it
will remain so, no matter what changes are made to the regular Skype
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