Re: Chrome and URL help

CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

There is a "Share" Button through which you can copy the URL to your clipboard.


  1. Focus on the YouTube video with the URL you'd like to copy
  2. Display all buttons with JAWS for Windows CTRL-JAWS KEY-B
  3. Within the list, navigate to "Share" (You can type the word to quickly find it)
  4. Press ENTER to focus on the button in the webpage
  5. Focus moves to the button
  6. Activate the button with ENTER
  7. A dialog opens through which you can share the video to a variety of website
  8. Press SHIFT-TAB until focus is on the "Copy" button
  9. Activate the Copy button with ENTER


The URL is copied to the Windows clipboard and ready to paste.






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