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Search for the song. Navigate the results by heading. Each heading is a link. Find the link you want, make sure the pc system cursor is focused on the link. You can place yourself on the link by pressing Tab and hearing the link you want. Now, press the application, context menu, key, or shift+f10 if you don't have one. Up arrow to Copy Link, or just press E. Now you have the link to the song on the clipboard. You could, for example, using Pontes Media Downloader, save the link to an MP3 or other audio formats.

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Hi all.

Using Chrome, Jaws 2018. I went to Youtube Site to play song I wanted.

The song played fine, but now the question.

How does a person go about finding what the URL is, so that I may copy
to a clipboard for future use?


Morey Worthington


Morey Worthingtonand played a song. How does a person find out what URL
it is so that I may copy it to a clipboard for future use?

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