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First, folders usually don't have an extension.

Second, pressing Enter on an unknown file type should either launch the file
in an application you have on your new computer, or it will ask you if you
would like it to search for an application.

Do this for each of the various types of extensions you have.

This may take you several hours, since I expect you have over a hundred
different extensions.

Many file extensions are grouped in type by the first letter after the dot.
For example .wav and .w64 and .mp3 , mp2, m4b, mwa are all audio files.

Avoid files with .dll extensions as these are dynamic link libraries and you
cannot launch them and do not want to , in any case.

To get a list of extensions and some idea of what they are, Press the
Windows button and then type the word association

Arrow down and you should find "Change the file type associated with a file

Press enter on this.
Wait a bit for the list to populate.
Use the arrow key to go up and down the list and you will hear the extension
and the associated program.
My list had 708 extensions, so you'll be busy for a while.

Dave Carlson
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I had a computer XP that caused some problems, back in June. My new
computer has Windows Seven.

I have a folder called backup on my new computer, in Windows
Explorer. I am able to open some documents, but I am not sure how to
determine what program to open them.

Some may be folders, and one doccument may be a list of email contacts.

Can someone help me?


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