Re: Goldwave scripts


if the previous steps don't work, try the notes I tucked away to solve
this issue. they are specific for windows 10 users:'

have GoldWave closed when you do this just to be sure this works.
select and copy the scripts as directed in my previous reply.

tap the Windows key to bring up the search box,
arrow down a little ways into the list of apps and hit the letter j,
continue arrowing to Jaws 2018,
Hit the space bar.
Arrow down to utilities and hit enter.
Then arrow down to explore scripts.
You want the ENU folder, which is the English US assuming that is where
you are.
Once in that folder, you can check for the Goldwave script files.
If they are not there, just paste them into that folder and restart Jaws.
Now, all should be well.
start Goldwave and check if they are installed.

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Subject: Goldwave scripts

press the enter key on the zip file that contains the scripts,
select the files except for the ones that are named goldwave4 and copy
the selected files by pressing control+c,
leave the zip file open.

press the windows key and up arrow to All Programs sub menu and right
arrow to open it,
type j or down arrow to JAWS 2018 closed and right arrow to open it,
down arrow to Explore JAWS closed and right arrow to open it,
down arrow to and enter on Explore My Settings.

now paste (press control+v) the scripts that you have copied previously.
now close any windows that are open, if you wish.
start gold wave, press insert+q to confirm that the scripts are properly

others may have different ways of doing this, but this is one way.
good luck.

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Subject: Goldwave scripts


I downloaded some Goldwave scripts but I don’t know folder to put them
in for Jaws?

Any help would be appreciated.


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