Re: issue with installing JAWS on windows 10. The JAWS Install has failed.

HH. Smith Jr.


Have you tried going to device manager and update your video card drivers.
Also, check the time and date of your computer. JAWS will not install if the
date is wrong; especially, the year.
Steps to update video drivers:
1. hit start button
2. type in Device manager and hit enter
3. tab once and arrow down through the list and find display adapters
4. right arrow and right click, application key, Shift F10 whichever methods
works for you, on each item .
5. arrow through that list and hit enter on update drivers.
6. hit spacebar on the first button, this Lets the computer search
automatically. HTH

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Yes, I did it

Às 12:16 de 10/09/2018, Ann Byrne escreveu:
Have you completely uninstalled JAWS? First using either the JAWS
uninstall or programs and features? then go to
users\yourname\appdata, and delete the freedom scientific components
from roaming and local ... or whatever those folders are. if you
don't remove those, there are still old JAWS settings that can get in
the way.

appdata is a hidden folder, so you have to go to c:\users\yourname\
and type in appdata.

Good luck!

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