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Brian, curiously, what is the difference between the auto line view, one
line view, and the two line view? when I saw this, it made me wonder,
does this setting change how the messages are displayed and does it make
a difference for screen reader users?

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Under Windows Live Mail 2012, you do not want to use the Compact View as
it makes the folder tree "odd," to put it mildly.

I recommend using the One-Line View for the Message View and you can
have the reading pane either off entirely or at the bottom, as you'll
generally be hitting Enter to open an individual message in its own window.

I can't answer the left click bit, as I've not seen that particular quirk.

Microsoft has consistently used the terminology "conversation view" for
what a lot of the rest of the world calls "threaded view.  So, when
you're in the View Ribbon, under Conversations turn it on if you want
threaded view, or off if you want individual messages, unthreaded.

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