Re: issue with installing JAWS on windows 10. The JAWS Install has failed.

Mário Navarro

Hi Sieghard
Yes I did all that.
It seems to me that I won't be able to solve this issue.
I'm going to wait for beta 19.
Maybe the beta 19 Installer fix the 18 old installation.
Thank you.

Às 20:36 de 09/09/2018, Sieghard Weitzel escreveu:

Have you called Jaws support? I think this happened once to me some years ago, but I can't remember what I did. If you don't want to call Jaws support here is what I would do:
While Jaws 18 is up and running, go to the FS website and download Jaws 2018 for your system, 64 bit or 32 bit.
Save the file to the desktop
Now uninstall Jaws 18 including shared components, but leave the user settings
After the system reboots, make sure you are on the desktop with Windows Key+M and press "J", you may want to start Narrator to do this until the Jaws installer starts speaking, once it does press Control+Windows Key+Enter to exit Narrator again.
See if Jaws 2018 will install, just in case you might want to make sure you also download a Jaws 18 installer file and have it handy.
If Jaws 2018 installs I personally would not bother putting Jaws 18 back, I don't see any advantage in using it over Jaws 2018 with Windows 10. In 2 months or less Jaws 2019 will come out, a public beta will probably come in the next couple of weeks if how things were in the last few years are an indication.


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someone can help?

every time I try to install the version of JAWS 2018 latest update, I
get notified with this message:
The JAWS Install has failed.

I've tried several solutions but without success...

in the freedomcientific site, I can't find anything related to this issue.
I embrace the fact that the freedomscientific Web site, is very poor in
solving problems.
the support it's a shame ...
my system is windows 10.
the system is with the latest build 18.
some of you have the solution to solve this issue?

thank you all.

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