Re: issue with installing JAWS on windows 10. The JAWS Install has failed.

Marten Post Uiterweer


you did not tell what you have tried.

Do you have a previous version of jaws?

What helped on my computer was to uninstall the previous installation of
jaws and in the uninstall program you had to choose to remove shared
components too.

After this, my new jaws version would install.

Regards, Marten

On Sun, 9 Sep 2018 11:55:03 +0100 Mário Navarro <> wrote:

someone can help?

every time I try to install the version of JAWS 2018 latest update, I get notified with this message:
The JAWS Install has failed.

I've tried several solutions but without success...

in the freedomcientific site, I can't find anything related to this issue.
I embrace the fact that the freedomscientific Web site, is very poor in solving problems.
the support it's a shame ...
my system is windows 10.
the system is with the latest build 18.
some of you have the solution to solve this issue?

thank you all.

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