Disabling typing mode in Jaws 13 in the Focus display.

Matthew Bullis <matthewbullis@...>

Hello, When I upgraded from version 11 to version 13, I find that the three bottom keys on the display, beneath the cover, don't turn on and off the typing mode like they used to do. Now, even when I change the translation to output only, when I type braille on the braille keys for the Focus 80, I get letters instead of controlling the display. Before, I used to hit dots 4 5 to get the tab key, and dots 1 2 for shift tab. Now, I must use the braille space bar along with those keys to get the desired result. Am I missing a setting, or did this behavior change with no way to switch it back? I prefer to use the display keys to control the keyboard, rather than to type in Grade Two, and the less keystrokes I have to hold down, the better.
Thanks a lot.

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