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Ron Pelletier

Hi Paul,


I don’t remember all the details but it can be done from the Freedom authorization web site. You need  to have the serial number when you go to that site and the locking code that is  located in the “about” section of the JAWS context menu.


When you enter these 2 pieces identifying you, Freedom will issue a one time authorization number which is a long code and will need to be copied and pasted in the appropriate box when you run the authorization from JAWS.  I’ve done it a few times but that was a while back and I don’t remember the exact steps but this should give what you need to get it done.


Ron & Danvers



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Subject: Authorisation CD and windows 10




So I’m actually asking for a friend, but she’s just brought a new laptop which is running windows 10, she has installed jaws , which is currently running in demo mode, to activate jaws she needs her 20 digit authorisation code, which she doesn’t have, she does have her serial number plus has an authrurisation CD, but the CD doesn’t appear to work on windows 10 , it just says permission denied when she tries to  run the authorisation CD and she can’t get the code from the properties  of the CD either. Does anyone else know of any way to get the authorisation number ? without contacting freedom scientific, just as we are in Europe, not the US so it makes it  difficult to call and emailing may take a while to get a reply  due  to time difference and the weekend being almost here.


Thanks in advance  for any help



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