Windows 7, sound scheme with Jaws Nightmares

Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

i have windows 7 professional 32 bit, jaws 13.0.638, and now for some strange reason,
when i try to use headings on a web page, it does not give me the windowding.wav.
same when routing jaws to pc on a web page.
i do not hear the sound.
i have gone to the sounds, selected windows default, then i tab to and the drop down

combo box does not show up.
if i select the windows default, tab and arrow down to *
then the list of sounds comes up and when i tab it lands on the windows sound starting with the letter e, and have to up arrow to windowsding.wav.
but when i click apply, and then i get windows default modified.
so wondering if my windows 7 sound scheme is screwed up.
using a toshiba a300 satellite psg4a - 02300m
and i am using the real tech audio manager.
wonder if i then download and install the drivers, will it fix this.
how to repair the windows sound scheme.
this problem has been happening since christmas day.
and do not want to do a system restore not really.
had already installed avg free 2012, and then uninstalled mse.
so any help.
how to get this to work.
also, the jaws 13, when i check for updates, does not hear the ding for the update dialog.
any ideas.
did uninstall and reinstall jaws 13, but made no difference.
went to the settings centre and used the jaws default.
said that the top and bottom sound alert was selected, clicked okay, then saved the default jaws file.
please help me out.
if a system restore does work.
did install adobe cs 5.5 web premium, student version.
so this problem been happening since christmas day.
try the system restore from dec 23.
please help me out and advice.
looking on google, but have not found any answers yet. Blind-Aid yahoo group at:
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