Re: where can i get firefox 52?

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

I’m sure you can find it on the internet, but I would ask, do you really want to?


Support for Firefox 52 has ended. This means you won’t even receive security updates. You’d be better off using Internet Explorer 11, now; at least any holes will keep being plugged until 2020.


I love Firefox and am also using JAWS 18 myself, so I’m just as chagrined as everyone else, but at least there’s NVDA. Mozilla never had any intention of continuing to support V. 52 indefinitely. The ESR branch just meant you would be held off from Quantum for a year and some change. Now that’s happened, and it’s Quantum or no Firefox, unless you want to leave things at risk on your system.


The other thing is that even without automatic updates turned on, Firefox will keep asking you to update. That automatic update option is turned on by default, so literally as soon as you download the Firefox 52 version you want to use on your system, it will try to update to version 60.


Version 60 is the new ESR by the way. They’re at version 62 on the main branch now, I believe.




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Subject: where can i get firefox 52?


hi list. subject says it all. thanks for any help.



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