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The context key is an unsung wonder of Windows. I was teaching a blind student who needed a laptop  to use with a screen reader. The tech person knew just the right thing and it was ordered without ever asking me. Yup, no context key. When I went online to see if there might be a key combination that was an equivalent, I found there was none. At the same time, I discovered the angry outcries from system administrators and coders. I never thought just how much those professionals relied on that one little key. It is also a surprise when I find a skilled user who relies on a screen reader and has had training, who has no idea wat the context key is and what it can do. It is rare that desktop keyboards come missing it, but not so with laptops. If any of you are considering a laptop, be sure the Vonder-key is there.



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The application key is highly useful.  It is the equivalent of clicking the right mouse button, it offers you a context menu of things you can do where you are.  Most people do not use it enough.  On desktop computers it is the key to the left of the right-hand control key.  I would try to avoid buying a laptop that is devoid of this key, but some are.  You can get the same result with shift+f10, and you can reassign keys with programs such as KeyTweak to give a deprived laptop an application key.




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What is an Apps key and how have I gotten along without one?  Is this just for laptop users?


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Heya folks,


Have bought a new HP laptop Envy, doesn’t seem to have an apps key, is there another alternative or combo keys that can do the same thing?






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