Re: FireFox 61.0.2 Freezing


Hi all:

In Firefox options, I have unchecked the use recommended performance settings checkbox and have found this really improves Firefox performance.



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On Sep 5, 2018, at 6:17 PM, Cristóbal <cristobalmuli@...> wrote:

V 62.0 came out today so you may want to try upgrading just to see if that helps at all.


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Subject: FireFox 61.0.2 Freezing




I am trying to figure out if my issue is FireFox, JAWS or computer related.


After downloading FireFox 61.0.2, when I use FireFox at times it will freeze, disappear and my cpu speed will increase to 40 – 80% and sound like it is working hard. When the FireFox is closed, the cpu speed returns to normal (0 – 20%).


We have uninstalled and reinstalled FireFox and still experiencing the same issue.


Is anyone else having this  experience or any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.







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