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Tanner Gers <creativesuccess@...>

No, unfortunately Intuit sold that portion of their business. We’ve spoke with quicken about their accessibility, and we know we can help them with their platform, but they didn’t want to spend the money to do it.

Thanks for asking though…


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Do you have this built for qHBD, quicken home and business desktop?


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I forgot to mention in my previous reply about the Jaws scripts for QuickBooks desktop on Windows, the scripts are included free when you purchase QBWD from the MBS store; or are also free with the purchase of the scripts user guide and virtual training lessons. And, it’s a business expense as well.

So, if you already have the software, and you just want to purchase the tutorials, virtual lessons, and user guide, you can, and you get the scripts included.

You can see everything right here:


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