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Do you know who said the quote at the end of your email?


I like it, and was just curious.






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Slight correction.  Numpad plus, is the PC cursor key.

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: Re: couple of Jaws questions


Hi again, Tom. As Andrew said, to exit forms mode, you can also use NumPad Plus, which is the JAWS Cursor key. In Laptop Keyboard Layout, the equivalent is:


CAPSLOCK plus Semicolon.


Bill White




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Subject: couple of Jaws questions




Using: W10 Home and Jaws 2018 all with latest updates.


I vaguely remember stumbling across  some Jaws settings which allowed or stop Jaws working with the extended function keys. Can someone inform me where this setting is located?


Apart from pressing enter on n edit box, is there any other keyboard command Which will allow the manual turning on of form mode? What about a keyboard command, apart from  escape, to turn off form mode.






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