Re: PDF file automatically goes into Edge

Christopher Zeigler

Hello to set interview reader is the default viewer four PDF go to settings on your start menu then select apps then select set file types by app or it might say select click on that or select it signed a w reader on the list then hit set as default you also might want to look in the settings while you're in default apps area and see if there's any way to change it there as well.
One other thing you can do if you can find the PDF in question selected and press Alt Enter that will take you to the file property dialog box hit choose on the general tab that will bring up a list of suggested apps select Adobe Reader on that and then hit okay or and then close the dialog box all should go well with that.
I hope this helps

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018, 4:06 PM Marianne Denning <marianne@...> wrote:

You have to go in and set Adobe as your default pdf reader.

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