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There are different meanings to this:
* For hardware: usually how much memory that a CPU can handle (usually limited by the operating system). 32-bit can handle up to about 4 GB (well, it is indeed 4 GB, but some OS's prevents full usage of this space), whereas 64-bit can go beyond that.
* Programs: usually what kind of features that programs would use under OS's for 32-bit or 64-bit processors.
And other interpretations, which are usually reserved for development circles. A rule of thumb is that 64-bit processors and operating systems (in our case, 64-bit versions of Windows) can run majority of 32-bit programs but not vice versa. The times when 32-bit programs would not run under 64-bit Windows versions is when a driver is in use - a driver that does a lot of
"under the hood" functions for hardware, such as old hardware drivers.
Hope this helps.

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Okay, I've seen all this stuff about 32 bit and 64 bit for a while and the question finally needs to be asked... What's the dif between the two... apart from 32 bits?
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