Re: Am I to conclude that the Thunderbird mailing list mechanism simply cannot be used by a blind person?

Elaine Young <hidden_spring@...>


Okay, I just made an mailing list. Open the address book, hit alt then arrow down to new, hit enter. arrow to "mailing list". Hit enter. When Jaws says "combo box, edit". Start typing in the name of the person you want and when it auto fills it in, hit enter. The name will be added.



On 9/4/2018 11:44 AM, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
Many thanks. I'm using Jaws 2018 on Windows 10. Both of those and Thunderbird too are fully updated.

Something (Jaws or Thunderbird) must have gotten scared because now when I go to the mailing list I can add an address. I have to close the address book after each address but at least it gets in.

On 18/09/04 10:56, Steve Matzura wrote:
What version of JAWS are you using? If it's not at least 18, that's most of your problem right there.

Entries in a mailing list are shown in a table, but that table is not accessed by JAWS as you would access a table in a browser. After about two or three entries in that table, Thunderbird displays a "More" link. When that link is activated, more names appear. I've never created a mailing list with more than half a dozen entries in it, so it may be that you only get a few more entries at a time every time you activate the "More" link.

On 9/4/2018 10:24 AM, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
Hi all,

First of all, everybody, but EVERYBODY, assures me that it's very easy to set up a mailing list in Thunderbird. I don't know why it works for them and they don't know why it doesn't for me. But it doesn't for me. Now you know as much as I do. <grin>

What I think I have done is to set up a single mailbox containing about 34 entries. One of these entries is a mailing list which should ultimately contain about 29 of those entries. It's getting those entries into the mailing list which is causing monumental problems. I think Jaws isn't telling me everything relevant on the screen.

I have both speech and Braille turned on. I have Screen Echo set to All. But I still can't tell what names are in the mailing list.

It has dawned on me that perhaps I could copy all the names from the address book to a new book and then delete the ones I don't want there. Is this possible? Are there unintended side effects? Does Thunderbird use colors instead of highlighting to show what's selected? Is it easy for a sighted friend who is not computer savvy to help with setting up a mailing list?

Thanks for any suggestions,



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